J-EO is now EJO! Endless Journey Online!
 John's Endless Online Client & Endless Memories have joined together to bring you the best of both servers! This website will host the new available client until a new site has been made! Enjoy!

Please download the latest Client!

Endless Journey Online Official Download Link
   EJOv2.1 WINRAR Format  - Click Here!
    EJOv2.1 WINZIP Format  - Click Here!

Configuration is already done for you however if the setup isnt to your liking please open the 'config' folder inside the client folder and open the file 'setup.ini' in notepad to adjust the settings to your liking! Save the file and load the game normally!

WARNING!!! It is recommended to switch your password if u are using the same one you were on the old server database!!! We r now using a brand new database so you will need to remake your accounts, ask an admin for your old level, items we will give everything you previously had back!!! If you have any questions at all feel free to discord message <OPTION> anytime!!! 

ANYONE HAVING PROBLEMS LOGGING  ONTO THE SERVER!!!! i forgot to switch the host HOST IP lol please open the "setup.ini" file in notepad, this file is found in the "config" folder of the client download. 

Once open please switch the HOST IP to "endless-journey.ddns.net" save the file and retry logging in and it shud work .

tyvm Cobia for letting me kno - Option

If you have any other questions at all please feel free to message me anytime on the discord server, link below! - Option


   - https://discord.gg/9WxraMJZ6E